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Finally the most criticised, discoursed and talk of the town due to economical, political, religious, spiritual situations or integrity and more for more than a decade is here to stay. Finally here we are ladies and gentlemen, the long awaiting solutions to the problems facing man and his environment is here for everyone to share. You and me, male and female, young and old without discrimination to race. Offer in a limited quantity and time. Get your copy now before it is too late.

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By thinking positively and working peacefully for the goodness and better living of everyone of us on earth without war, hate or violence. Believe it or not, I have got the remedy to world problems.

Fellas be part of the history of the present, coming from the past and going to the future. The truth is here for you also to have it, feel it, share it and communicate it to others that you can also solve yours and other people’s problem. And believe me we all have one or two if not more problems to face day in day out. It is always the talk of the town. Everyday you hear it on the radio, TV, read it in the news papers that people have to face personal problems, friends problems, family problems, lovers, tribal and nation’s problems. Are we to talk also about our enemies problems? Even how to solve these problems becomes a problem to everyone of us. But here it is for everyone. So

“Don’t worry be happy”.

I have gone so far and finally got the right solution to solve the world’s problems. Through the north, south, east and west even at the centre of it all. So don’t worry. Believe me it is here to stay for you and me. Be you black, white, yellow, red etc… For everyone as long as you are part of this universe. Do not hesitate to have your copy. Don’t wait for tomorrow for your problems will keep on accumulating and time waits for no one. Start today for tomorrow maybe too late. Don’t miss it.

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Some people say they don’t have problem but other people’s problems influence daily on our daily life. We need to solve other people’s need to make a living and that is where our problems lies day by day. Sometimes, we work it out and sometimes it is difficult to achieve so we need to seek for help, etc.


How can we do that better?  

Are we sure that by solving these problems we are not creating other problems for ourselves or for others?

Can we do that in a short time to have the best result?

The helps we are getting from others are they in the right way?

Do others solve our problems the way we want it or in the correct way?

Do you really know who you are, who they are and how we all are made up?

The origin of problems, human, and the world as a whole, is it the way we know it to be?

What the press, scientists, religion, education, government of yesterday and today has made us to believe, are they true?

In the world today, why is human on earth and for what reason?

Tell me, people talk about angel, devil, miracle, do they really exist and do you know man’s greatest invention today?

What is really destroying man today, is it what man takes to be his god?  

To find a moment of peace, relaxation for oneself is a problem for everyone but is it true there is a possibility for man to have problems free forever?

We all know where we are now but tell me where were you before life and where will you be after death?

Is this not a problem facing everyone or you want to tell me you never think of it a bit?

Lets talk about it for we can not run away from it. I am not trying to scare you.

To know more, grab a copy now before it finishes.

This book looks into every aspect of our life and give a plausible answer while attacking each and everyone of us including the author. So relax you are not alone. We all need to know where we come from, who we are and so solve the problems facing us daily to be free and happy forever more. Now is the time not tomorrow. We need to solve these problems facing humanity. I mean here within ourselves for ourselves. Nobody is coming from outside this planet to solve them for us. It is our own life and here we have to do it right.

I know you ask yourself sometimes as I do...

Is there a paradise or hell on earth or heaven?

Don’t let me go too far. I mean to say, without discrimination to sex, race, culture, belief and geographic position that we all belong, in a simple fundamental way, "ECHI" universal guide reveals and gives clearly, with love and respect to all, the education and solution of ...






In all aspect for the creation of a better world and life for everyone of us.



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The Extraordinary Issues On All Problems Facing Human On Planet Earth Today:










Pollutions of all types,

Where we come from,

Where we are heading to,

Personal and global economic stress,

The present greatest invention of man and life in general.

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When I first published this book in the year 1995 and won a prize in an international competition in Milan - Italy, you wont believe what the talks about, comments and press release here in Italy… Ask me for the proves and I will present.

Now available in new edition with lots more included. I would like to share also your opinion as regards to this… This is the way I see it fellas. We all need to solve our problems and problems of other people reaching us or that we want to reach.

Echi, Steps To Solve World Problems

by Lawrence Amechi Ogu

Relax and you will be captured in a book that will touch your soul in a significant way with spiritual affinity. A mixture of divergent ideas and points of view for the creation of a better life and world for everyone of us.

Plausible answers to unlimited questions regarding personal and world peace - Revealed. The meaning of life, happiness, a value system and visions on the significant of truth kept secret for years and more - Revealed. Reccomended also to those who seek new ideas on the esistence of man and the future of our civilization. 

The one and only original Solution to solve the world’s problems is here to stay now and forever. The long awaited systems is here for everyone to build up a happy living for oneself, families, lovers, and people all over the world.

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