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Stormrise for PlayStation 3...The first truly 3D real-time strategy (RTS) game, Stormrise puts players in the heart of the action with an all-new third-person camera perspective. No other RTS game combines the unprecedented level of immersion and emotional intensity with the scale and depth that The Creative Assembly (Total War series) has become famous for. Stormrise breaks tradition with the genre's typical top-down viewpoint, allowing players to explore and track enemies in multi-dimensional areas, including everything from high-rise rooftops to underground caverns. With revolutionary controls designed specifically for consoles, players will lead their troops from the front in the midst of explosive battles to put an end to years of bloody conflict between the Sai and the Echelon races. VERTICALITY: Players can use vast underground areas, rooftops and multi-layered vertical locations to gain the strategic advantage. Verticality combined with the third-person point-of-view marks a whole new way to play a real-time strategy game. REVOLUTIONARY Console RTS Features: Groundbreaking WHIP SELECT feature brings quick, intuitive, next-gen controls. Additionally, a Tactical Playbook gives players all the strategic choice of a traditional RTS, but with the simplicity and accessibility of a playbook. THE FIRST FULLY 3D RTS: Gone are the flat levels of traditional strategy games. Players will experience RTS gameplay in a whole new way on battlefields comprised of sprawling cities and towering skyscrapers in incredibly immersive 3D environments. ADVANCED MULTIPLAYER Features: The Join Anytime feature enables quick setup, map rotation and easy matchmaking for multiplayer skirmishes.

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