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ACER Aspire One 10 Win7 250G



ACER Aspire One 10 Win7 250G White - A-tom N270, NLED10.1WSVGAG, 1GB memory, 250GB HDD, Webcam, 3rd WiFi BG (Acer), 6CELL2.6 Netbook, Windows 7 Starter, UMA discrete video, Integrated MR, 945GSE chipset

Normal Retail Price: $ 440.00 each

Your Price: $391.00 each

Other Details:

Colour: White / Blue / Black 

Weight: 7.0 lbs.

Condition: New

Quantity Available: 82

Product ID White Coluor: 5219364; Item ID: 5894698

Product ID Blue Colour: 5219362; Item ID: 5894696

Product ID Red Colour: 5219363; Item ID: 5894697

Average time to ship: 1-5 Business Days


NOTE: This item is being discontinued by Supplier Diamond. Once the on-hand quantity is depleted; the item will no longer be available from this supplier.

This supplier does not ship to HI & AK

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